Facts & FAQ's...

Facts: You Will Find...

  • Over 2 Million Lights
  • 8 Acres of Displays
  • Life Sized Nativity Scene
  • 350+ Pieces of Scenery
  • 90 Drive-Thru Arches
  • 15,000 Feet of Extension Cords
  • 9 Electric Meters
  • 8 Breaker Boxes
  • Christmas Music (FM 88.1)

When do you open?

 - We generally open Thanksgiving night, but check back.  We have seen such an increase in traffic that we may extend our seaons.

Are you open every night?

 - We plan to open every night from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve, but sometimes the weather doesn't permit that. So, it's best to check our Facebook page before coming out. We will keep it updated daily.

I'm so glad you allow passenger vans! What is the maximum clearance?

 - Vehicles up to 9 feet tall can pass through. Anything taller will not be permitted to enter.

When do you put away the lights?

 - Right now our final night for the light tour is December 31st from 6pm - til ??, but again, keep checking our Facebook page for the most current schedule.

What hours do you allow tours?

6:00pm - 10:00pm

How long have you been putting up your displays?

 - 2016 will be the 34th year of the display!  It's grown every year, but the last few years it's really taken on a life of it's own.

How long does your setup take?

Do you use computers to control the lights?

How much is your electric bill?

What inspired you to start this?

How many bulbs do replace each season?

What is your favorite display?

Wait, wait, wait. Too many questions right now... I'll have to get back to the questions later, I'm out settin' up lights. Try posting to Facebook, you might find your answer there, or I'll answer it a soon as I can after I get the lights up! -Chad